Tryout Guide for Athletes & Parents

How can parents help prepare themselves and their child for tryouts? Most parents don't know, and worse, they don't have a plan to help their daughter/son chances of making the team. There is a better, more efficient way to help get the results you want and your player deserves. These are the secrets, and this is the path to being more educated leading up to tryouts. Join Brandon Convery, leading high-performance mentor and former NHL 1st Round Pick, as he shares ten video lessons on the most important topics when it comes to preparing parents, to maximize their player's chances at making the team during tryouts.

Course Outline:

Module #1: 10 Factors That Predict Success In Making A Team

Module #2: Learn How to Impress Your Coaches

Module #3: What Level Should Your Child Play At

Module #4: Understand The Importance of Parent Involvement

Module #5: Learn How To Deal With Politics With Tryouts

Module #6: What To Do When Your Kid Doesn't Listen To You Anymore

Module #7: Understand What Value Your Child Brings - Fit The Puzzle

Module #8: Next Steps If Your Player Makes It or Doesn't

Module #9: How To Deal With Self-Doubt And Nerves Heading Into Tryouts

Module #10: You'll Learn Important Questions To Ask Yourself Always

Tryout Guide for Athletes and Parents

Learn the secrets in order to help prepare your son/daughter leading up to tryouts. An advanced online program specifically created for parents and athletes by high-performance mentor and former NHL'er Brandon Convery.

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